Monday, January 7

Hello 2013!

Hi guys

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a great start to the new Year :)

I am still messing with my numerous holiday photos - I can't wait to share them with you guys.
Meanwhile I am pleased my internal clock finally matches GMT again ;)

Have a most excellent week!

hat: present (pass me down)
cardi clips: etsy (kiamichi7)
cardi: supermarket
blouse, polka dot tights & dress (dyed): highstreet
belt: from a different dress
pistachio tights: eBay


  1. Strung_Out6025January 07, 2013

    What beautiful photos! the location looks stunning. I love the way you mix colours and prints.

  2. This outfit is so cute! I love all the green, and you know, polka dots are supposed to be lucky when you wear them for the new years, so well done!

  3. oranges_and_applesJanuary 07, 2013

    happy new year! Looking forward to more posts!

  4. Elke PichlerJanuary 08, 2013

    Ich wünsche dir ein erfolgreiches 2013.
    LG aus der "alten" Heimat