Wednesday, January 16


Happy Wednesday you all!

Along with cows and cyclists there are also the occasional rider and plenty a dog walker at the Common when I stop for photos on my way to work.

A couple of cows have gotten curious before and, while I had my back turned they began exploring my bike. I turned to find a creamy white, curly haired cow licking my rear reflector. She looked up at me with a puzzled expression. I guess the red plastic appeared a lot tastier than it turned out to be.

But it's not just the milky brigade: Canines also show interested in my equipment. One four-legger looked terribly bummed when upon inspection he found that my brown coat, cast aside while I was messing with my remote, wasn't a fellow dog after all.

So when the furry guy below joined me for a photo I just kept right on pressing the release button while his owner called for him in vain.

hat & coat: highstreet
scarf & jumper: present (hand me down)
dress & tights: online store
boots: eBay


  1. Strung_Out6025January 16, 2013

    These colours are so great, and I love the nails. Very cute new friend you've made there!

  2. That's so sweet. :)  Our outdoor cats love being in my photos, too.

  3. I love that hat-I have a similar bulky one that I wish I could wear more (need more cold weather!).  I want to get some more yellow and oranges in my wardrobe after seeing your photos.  The first photo looks like you've been displaced into a miniature doll world.

  4. I love the colours in this outfit, so cheerful! I wish our dogs were more interested in being photographed. Occasionally I will try and get one or the other of them in my outfit photos but they always end up doing something embarrassing, so many photos have been deleted because they are doing their business in the background :S 

  5. Matilda JoyceJanuary 16, 2013

    What a pretty outfit!  Mostly autumn with a touch of spring!