Tuesday, January 8


During our holiday in Goa we spent plenty of time exploring, but we spent just as much chilling at the beach with our e-readers, drinking cold coffee and lassi through straws.

There was no need to worry about weight restrictions when I was packing my books, so I dumped a whole shelf load into my device.  Here is the handful I ended up reading:

Harry 'Rabbit' Angstrom was a basketball star back in high school. We meet him at 26, not having achieved anything of note since. Harry finds himself alienated from and trapped in suburban middle-class family life.  One night instead of picking up his son from his grand parents' he just keeps right on driving..

Rabbit Run did keep me wanting to find out what would happen on the next page, but I could not care less about Harry Angstrom. He is not easy to like.
The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt is a picaresque Western narrated by Eli Sisters. Together with his brother Charlie, he is riding from Oregon to California to murder a prospector who stole from their employer. But between Eli's conscience, his loneliness and Charlie's bravado, his oft brutal snap decisions, things don't turn out quite as anticipated..

This one was fun. It's a quick read, the characters are fairly well sketched out (think film script) You will find yourself rooting for the killers ;) It's a decent little Western.

Sponge Bob screensaver on Candolim Beach

Ender's Game tells the story of a young boy named Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin. Humanity is outgrowing the Earth, family planning laws are strictly enforced, yet Andrew is a government sanctioned, military commissioned Third child. The army didn't claim his promising yet cruel elder brother or his compassionate elder sister for training, but at only six years old he is selected for Battle School. Separated from his family, bullied by his peers and manipulated by the adults who hold power over him, he undergoes rigorous training to serve in a war against the first and only alien species known to Man: Invasions of the insectoid Buggers had been averted narrowly before, but who's to say they aren't going to attack again?

This one is a real page turner.
There is a movie coming out this year too, so if you like to read the novel first, you've got until October ;)

Ender's story is continued in Speaker for the Dead (also very much worth it), Xenocide and Children of the Mind (good reads, but even though I raced through them greedily, they still didn't capture me quite like the first two).

Have you read any of these books? What's your verdict?


  1. Looks like you had a fab time, I was following the pictures on Instagram!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed you braved the beach with your Kindle. How did it perform with all the sand? Are you still scratching sand out of its buttons or was it OK? The reason I'm asking is that I've been NOT taking my Kindle to the beach because I've been worried about sand issues. Thanks!

  3. Well, considering I partly submerged it in the sand for these photos I'd have to say it did pretty well :D

    Occasionally I still find a bit of sand around the edges of the screen, but it wasn't exactly spotless beforehand either ;)

    Still working well - I think minus the in-sand photoshoot you can probably get away without getting it sandy :)