Wednesday, December 11


These are from last weekend - blue in blue - my same old favourite ;)

Today ended up equally as sunny for just about an hour before dusk. It had taken most the day for the fog to lift and by the time I cycled home from work it rose from the river once again. Am I succeeding in making this sound like a ghost story? ;) It sure felt pleasantly spooky cycling through the haze.

Have a fantastic day you-all!

Saturday, December 7

December snuck up on me

Hi guys!

Long time no see :)
Unlike in previous years I have no photos squirreled away for winter. So with short days and grey weekends it's rare for me to have something new to show you.
I am looking forward to spring when I can catch you guys up on a couple of other new dresses I have added to my tightly packed wardrobe ;)

It's not that I buy that much stuff really, it's just that I don't let go of clothes unless they're worn out. 
Actually it's been a pretty frugal year clothing purchase wise. Mind you, I made up for that restraint between October and now ;)

Treated yourself to anything nice recently?
Until next time :)

Thursday, November 7

Sniffle Sneeze

Autumn has me.
My husband spent last night listening to a concerto of my snores. Apparently I've got a cold coming ;)
And they say women don't snore! Liars.

I am looking forward to a long weekend though.
This Thursday is my Friday.
Tomorrow will be consumed with errands, then I am ready for a relaxing weekend.
Leftover holiday entitlement is the best :)

Sunday, October 27

Almost.. already!

So I finally precured a pair of good as new doc martens. Their main purpose will be to carry me through the muddy fields of Pilton next June (my Glastonbury holiday is already booked off work) but I am sure I'll get lots of wear out of these purples throughout winter too.

This Austrian felt hat is also part of my Glastonbury wardrobe. Perfect come rain or shine. Pretty good going for a hat only three years my junior!

So yes, barely through October and already I am counting down to next summer's festival. Luckily all that looking ahead doesn't stop me from enjoying the present ;)

Frankly, I am one of those people who starts Tuesday by announcing: "Nearly Friday!", but that doesn't mean the rest of the week passes me by. I just like to clap my hands in excited anticipation of whatever goodie the world has to offer me next, whether that be a weekend of lazing or a muddy field filled with music.

Happy weekend! The next one isn't far off either ;)

Sunday, October 20

Bring your own sunsine

I definitely receive more comments about my colourful clothing in autumn and winter, when the world is starting to look a little grey around the edges.

Here we go again. Rain comes pouring down in windy torrents. Autumn is in full swing. So I guess you could say it is with some defiance that I pluck radiant colours from my wardrobe.

I say: Wear the brightness you wish to see in the world! And sod the weather ;)
Hope you are all having a colourful weekend!

Tuesday, October 15

Still got the Blues..

Hi guys :)

Even after such a long hiatus.. as you can see: I still got me the Blues.
Though I'd like to say I love all colours equally, really I love blue just a liiiiittle bit more.

Just so you understand how deep my fascination with the colour blue runs: I dreamt I ate a blue crayon last night.

Anybody got a fanciful interpretation to offer? ;)

Until next time,
enjoy every moment!

Friday, October 11

Plural legwear

Although I started getting back into trousers quite a while ago, for years I had kept exclusively to dresses and skirts. So it's no shock to find that the surprise hasn't quite worn of just yet for colleagues and friends.

Well, I guess I am proud I no longer discriminate against trousers. What's the next step for me? Jeggings? ;)

Friday came around faster than I thought ;) Not that you think I am complaining here for one minute.
Here comes the weekend!
Even when it's not "long awaited" it is always more than welcome :)

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, October 6

Guess who's back..

Hey guys!
Well I guess it's been a while :)

Honestly I just got real tired of carrying a tripod on my back. ;)
Well, I am back to old tricks, though with the days getting shorter I think I'll dedicate only weekends to "photo time". 

Man, I have had them boots for a while now. A few years. Gee, I have been blogging here since 2009. I think I'll just go ahead and declare myself an outfit blogging veteran :D In other news: These boots still rule!

Hope you all are having a most fantastic weekend!
Mine has been pretty lazy (excluding frantic outfit shoot action).

Here is to all things dappled about to happen to nature! Autumn in the house :)
Laters my dears

Tuesday, September 3

Some Wednesday

Here is what I wore last Wednesday.
Guess what, I am the proud owner of a pair of jeans now. I used to live in jeans, then I went off trousers completely for years and finally I am mellowing out towards one foot at a time leg wear once again. With the sun still shining down on my world warmly there is little else to report.

The ice cream is good and so is the sewing ;)
Have a good one!

hat: high-street
dress, cardi & tights: online store
totebag: etsy

Sunday, August 25

Bank Holiday

The bank holiday is upon us.
I am lazing at home, watching Hobo with a Shotgun while taking care of some long overdue hemming. There is ice cream too. ;)

Hope you are also having a relaxing Sunday :)

top: etsy
skirt: present (pass me down)
tights: eBay
clogs: online store

Monday, August 19


So I finally went to get my flowerful tattoo touched up. Only took me the best part of a year to finally make an appointment :P  My procrastination skills are quite simply legendary.
And talking about legendary: So is this summer. Pinch me somebody, looks like the island renowned for it's rain and fog has plenty more sunshine to come this August.

Have a fantastic start to the week you all!

hat & tights: high-street
dress: supayana
cardi & clogs: online store

Friday, August 16


Here I am.. wearing some clothes.
This dress is one of my favourites - I just love the collar and dainty flower pattern.

I am getting all excited today because it looks like I might just possibly get to take up archery again after over a decade. I guess I am scary enough as it is, no need to weaponise me, but I sure enjoyed messing with a recurve bow once upon a time.

Got any old hobbies you'd like to make friends with again after a long break?

hat: festival stall
dress & necklace: etsy
tights & jacket: eBay
clogs: online store