Thursday, December 20

The Proposition (2005)

The Proposition (along with Unforgiven and Once upon a time in the West) is one of my favourite Westerns. It is a moody Christmas story, set in Australia, one December in the 1880s..

After the brutal murder of an entire family, a lawman apprehends the perpetrator's brothers. He makes one of them a proposition: He sets him free, giving him 9 days to kill his homicidal eldest brother, or else his youngest brother will be hung by the neck until dead.

Will he return in time to save his brother?
And what of the lawman who is staking more than just his career on the outlaw's return..

A rose garden in the desert.. that gets me every time.

I think you can guess one of the major attractions of this movie from the screenshots: The cinematography is absolutely stunning throughout. The pacing and musical score are spot on as well though.

If you like your Westerns violent, visually stunning and sombre in feel, be sure to give this one a go. You won't be disappointed.

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