Thursday, December 6

Silentium (2004)

Silentium (2004) is a humorous Austrian criminal film based on the book of the same title by Wolf Haas.

Set in the city of my birth, the story begins with a "suicide":

The narrator continues: "It s like with the Eiffel Tower, where the French often travel hundreds of kilometeres just so they can fling themselves off the top. Belgians, Dutch, Germans, all Eiffel Tower. But with the Germans it's divided and many will say: Moenchsberg offers better quality and besides I speak the language."

Once again Brenner (no longer in the police force, neither an ambulance driver but currently a security guard) just tries to stay out of trouble but things just have a habit of happening around him.

Child molestation, human trafficking and murder in the Salzburg festival scene and the Marianum, a boarding school for boys entering into the priesthood. Obviously Silentium is a barrel of laughs ;) The subject matter is dark,  but fear not: A liberal helping of bone dry humour is also thrown in the mix.

Now the above joke actually requires a little bit of local knowledge: 
The beer crates Brenner is climbing are from Salzburg's very own "Stiegl" (=stairway) brewery.

You all know I am a big detective Brenner fan.
Silentium was the first Brenner story I read, it's what got me hooked.  I still maintain that it's bad form to give away more than just a little about a criminal story. So I'll say only this much: It has a shower scene to rival Psycho.

The DVD with English (and French) subtitles is available here.

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