Sunday, December 2

More Postcards..

Well, I have been sitting staring at this screen for a good few minutes now. Granted, my headphones are also firmly plugged, so it's not like I lack for entertainment while tumbleweeds blow through the empty streets of my mind.

Not much to report from the real world. I am off to visit friends and that will most likely involve nought but plenty of music, tea and talk. Good times :)

There are so many things I'd like to tell you guys about. Give my opinion, impart my questionable wisdom, but - I have to chew every topic over and over first, like so much cud. When it comes to writing, apparently I am a ruminant. ;)
So, as soon as I have nothing suitably digested to offer, I'll spare you a rush job and wish you a fantastic day instead :) However, if you do have a topic in mind you'd like my take on, please let me know. Like I say, there are tumbleweeds in here..

hat: stall (glasto)
scarf: present (pass me down)
brooch: fabric shop
dress, belt, cardi, coat & boots: highstreet
tights: online store


  1. I am having trouble sleeping tonight *sigh*, Sunday nights I suppose, and therefore pleasantly stumbled across the "Tiny little DIYs" post!  And oh goodness it makes me want to make one!  At least, a tiny little room if not a house (I wouldn't have the patience or dedication for a whole house, such is my nature unfortunately).  Perhaps you already have a post on it which you can link me to, but how did you get into such a craft?  I read that the dollhouse is your mama's, but what led you to it's reconstruction?  Excited to see what else I shall stumble upon this sleepless night.  I should probably move on to books though, since I doubt the internet will help lull me to sleep.  

  2. I like your tiny tiny apple--it makes me super happy. 

  3. Thanks :) I am pleased you like the little house.
    It was my Mom's doll house before mine, but we both looked after it, so it was still in good condition :) Only I got bored of the bathroom recently so I turned it into a bedroom ;)

    Really, I always had photos in mind when I asked my parents to bring along the doll house on their next visit. I love messing around with it, though my polymer clay exploits are limited :)

    You can see all my doll house posts here and past doll house headers here.

    Hope you got some rest in the end :)

  4. Those always cheer me up in autumn :)
    I used to fill all my mud pies with them back in the day ;)

  5. I always find any opinions you chose to impart to be interesting and/or diverting. Your recent photographer posts were great. A little more about your new house, how you decorate and or arrange it, could be aesthetically pleasing, I imagine. Also wardrobe type arrangement. I would guess that you arrange things by colour as you are so good at drawing things together to match and to clash (and I mean clash in a good way). Also, you seem to have such an extensive collection of accessories in general; how do you arrange them all so that you can find what you want / don't forget things too much?