Saturday, December 29

Bound Paper Treasure #4

The Complete Untitled Film Stills collects Cindy Sherman's renowned series of self-portraits posing as the heroine of so many movie stereotypes. Even though each still remains unnamed, the storylines implied are immediately recognisable. The skill with which Sherman transforms herself in each image and chooses places and costumes for these imagined movies is a joy to watch.

She continues to appear as the subject in many of her images and you should definitely have a look at her later work too. However, personally I enjoy the simplicity of this early series the most.

Gregory Crewdson 1985-2005 collects 20 years of Crewdson's elaborately staged large format photographs. Crewdson creates many of his images on movie sets, others on location. Excluding his earliest work there always seems to be a full production crew on site to aid in the creation of his uncanny, compulsive dreamscapes exploring suburban life and psychology alike.

Elinor Carucci's Closer collects an intimate series of photographs with her parents, partner and self as the subjects. Sleep marks, injuries and the indentations left by clothes are part of this family album just as much as Mother applying her lipstick and reclining naked with her partner..

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