Wednesday, November 14

You can call me Donald

Why is it not Friday yet? I'd like to make a formal complaint about that ;)
No complaint about my new dress though. It's the most sailor-y sailor dress I've ever seen. Those white stripes on the sleeves, the collar and bow: It would do Donald Duck proud ;) Well, sure cheers me up.

Talk about losing perspective though: I am kinda bummed my cardi doesn't go with the foliage. Or at least, not in these photos from yesterday, just before the sun finally crept over the horizon. It's no secret, I am a little grumbly that the sun no longer does it's daily PEEKABOO! before I arrive at the office now. Last week was kinda magical: Deep blue skies infused with soft pink as I am pedalling my way towards work. And then, just as I reach the riverside, just as I am extending my kickstand and unzipping my tripod bag: PEEKABOO! Blazing tendrils of orange light up the sky. That's the kind of magic I am far too lazy to get up for in the summer.

Well, for the next couple of months I'll be watching all that through the office window while gulping down my first cup of coffee. Black, no sugar. 

See you on Friday!

necklace: etsy (Naju)
dress: etsy (BlessedButton) - lengthened version
hat & cardi: highstreet
tights & saddle shoes: online store


  1. That dress is lovely, I've been looking for a sailor inspired dress but haven't found anything nearly this pretty. Did you get your hair cut too? Or am I just really unobservant? Either way it looks amazing. I swear I haven't seen the sun in 2 days, we've had such think cloud cover that even in the middle of the day it is pretty dark. Fingers crossed we'll get some this weekend xo

  2. Thanks :)I am just trying to confuse you with my out of sequence posting. I think this is the first time I posted my super short hair. :)

    I got the dress from Blessed Buttons on etsy. It's meant to be a bit shorter but Lolo added some extra length for me :) 

  3. What a very pretty dress! It looks great with or without the cardigan too! So darling!

  4. locollinsworthNovember 19, 2012

    Super cute! XO Love it :)

  5. locollinsworthNovember 19, 2012

    Super cute! Love it!! :)