Sunday, November 4

The Sound of Rain

Hello there :)
This morning I am sitting in our conservatory with a hot cup of pear tea, listening to the heavy rain hitting the roof. The sound reminds me of holiday nights spent in caravans when I was little. Falling asleep to that sound was reserved for travel back then.

There is little I remember of the places we went. I recall playgrounds and swimming pools and making new friends. Playmates, who I found out later, spoke different languages to me. The very young need no words to communicate or strike up friendships: "I'll race the pram up the hallway and you'll race it back" is universally understood between little girls, I didn't need to speak Greek to understand the rules of this exciting game.

Well, it is getting colder around here. I have no idea if I simply omitted taking photos of my coat that day at the start of October or if coats weren't yet required. I am guessing the former.

Have a fantastic weekend!

hat & sweater: highstreet
dress, saddle shoes & tighs: online store


  1. This jumper makes me so, so envious! If you ever want to get rid of it, contact me!

  2. I think I'll probably keep it until it falls apart, but there are a few of the same for sale on eBay.

    I used search +topshop +jumper +boat but +nautical also has a couple of results :)

  3. What a gorgeous jumper! Love that hat too!

  4. That jumper is lovely, I should have been more organised last month and stored up some photos. Even when it is sunny it is still freezing now xo

  5. oranges_and_applesNovember 04, 2012

    I'm loving the jumper!

  6. Hope your playmates talked back to you. Your sweater again is so cool!

  7. Emily_RubySlippersNovember 05, 2012

    I love your story of international playmates with your communal language!

    Also, I was in the UK yesterday and I know just what you mean about the rain. I think I haven't been so happy in several weeks as I was pattering to the kitchen to make tea and then reading in bed. But I guess that's cos rain isn't generally something we have to deal with here. :)