Friday, November 16

Small Fry

Hi, my name is Stef, and my blog is small fry.

You might have noticed that the ads recently disappeared from my sidebar. This is because after three years, I have finally reached the minimum amount for payment from google ad sense and upon reaching this landmark I promptly switched the whole shebang off. I had signed up shortly after I started blogging, wanting to give it a whirl and see if I could make back my hosting fees. By the time I realised I was bestowing ads on you guys for no good reason I'd reached the halfway mark to the minimum payment amount and was too bloody minded to just let it go. No way had all those ads flickered across your screens for nothing. I was going to get paid!

Some of you guys might actually be surprised at my stats, which I am about to share. I've felt kind of secretive about them eversince I removed my followers gadget from my sidebar ages and ages ago. So, anyway, here go my most secret stats..  *drum roll please*

Diversions saw 2,182 visits over the past month, that's 1,114 unique visitors and 4,201 page views. You guys spend an average of just over 2 minutes around here, given that most my posts consists mainly of images this comes as no surprise.

Considering I started blogging in 2009, sporadically at first but every other day for the past two years, that's a really, really small readership. But it's not. Not really. I couldn't invite you all to my home for a house party, because there simply wouldn't be space (also, I think you all might give it a miss when I announce you need to pay for your own flights). Who knows, even the fire brigade might have a word to say about it. Not to mention my neighbours, who no doubt would be dead bummed about all the cars clogging up the local streets. ;)

So, yeah, Diversions is small fry. I reached the two hundred regular readers mark pretty swiftly, but things have been stagnant for a long time now. There are between 300 and 400 of you who keep coming back to see what me and my clones are up to. And to be perfectly honest, I am dead chuffed with that.

Also, the small fry thing, it's no mystery to me. There are some pretty darn good reasons why my blog isn't growing:

Firstly, I am a lurker. Guilty as charged. While I read lots of blogs, I rarely comment. I have a full-time job and something's got to give. Writing thoughtful, heartfelt comments takes a while (thank you very much to all of you who take the time - I really appreciate it). So all that time saved goes on drafting my own post and keeping this place up and running. But even so, more often than not I just tell you guys a little about my day, a couple of paragraphs, all too often resembling a weather forecast, with well thought out and topical posts few and far between. Sure, there are well visited personal blogs not dissimilar to mine, so I know I don't necessarily have to make like a novelist to attract new readers, but: I am also self-promotionally challenged. And that, my friends, is most probably the crux of the matter.

Sometimes I do wish I had the freedom to take my outfit shots when the light is at it's most glorious, rather than unpacking my tripod on the way to or from work, or worst of all: In the glaring sunlight of my lunch break. I'd like to write you more punchy articles rather than short hellos, but to achieve that, Diversions would have to be my nine to five.

Still, there are opportunities, even for someone with stats like mine. Occasionally a company will approach me, inquiring about sponsored posts, a dollar a throw, but I am not really up for that. This is my space, so darn it, it's my voice you guys are going to hear, not some brands!

Product reviews are a different matter for me. That's exactly the kind of "profit" I dreamt about when I first started blogging. I've had a chance to do a product review once and a sweetheart of a Pro-blogger passed a few other opportunities like that my way, but in the end they all fell through (and that wasn't even my dreary stats' fault, but a geographical issue). I know some of you guys get bugged by the amount of C/Os in the outfit details of some blogs, but I have to say: Good on'em. Blogging is a labour of love at the best of times, when perks are offered, darn well grab a hold of'em :D

I'll never be a pro blogger, but I do think of myself as an old hand at this blogging thing.
I've seen so many bloggers who started out around the same time as me grow a ridiculously large readership and I've watched a number of'em burn out just as quickly. Full-time Bloggers have their work cut out for'em and they don't get to rely on a regular paycheck like I do. So here is to these well dressed entrepreneurs and here's to the small fry too. The ladies who, like me, call blogging their hobby, don't tailor their content to fit anything but their own fancy and hell, sometimes we have nothing more to share between those outfit shots we took in the glaring sunlight of high noon than.. the weather.

It's overcast today ;)

How abut you, do you blog for profit?
Do you take actions to grow your readership?

dress & cardi: online store
tights: eBay
coat & brogues: highstreet


  1. Rebecca ButzowNovember 16, 2012

    I love your outfit and your polka dot nails!

  2. Stef, you're awesome.  I found you through Eliza (  I always read your entries (and even went through your archives when I started reading you), but don't always comment.  Most of the time, I want to write that heartfelt comment but don't have time to do so.

    I've been blogging privately on Livejournal for ten years and last year I took a leap and made a public blog.  I can't say that other bloggers' success didn't attract me to it, but it's not what has kept me blogging.  I've done a couple simple things to increase readership, like doing link-ups, but nothing more involved than that.  I would love to be a full-time blogger, but I'm okay with it being a hobby, too.

  3. I like your blog--enough to put up a button on my blog, at least. :-) Your fashion is the closest I've seen to mine online that I use for inspiration. I'm definitely not going to make any money with my blogging adventures, but it is fun. And I've tried to push myself to be less of a lurker, if only because I like it when people connect to me online, so I try to return the favor, ya know? It's hard, though, to keep it up, and I definitely don't have the patience for the hardcore Marketing Tactics that professional bloggers engage in.

    There's a lot of strength in being able to know what it is you actually want from blogging and the online experience. Being confident in not wanting to be a Full Time Blogger and comfortable within your niche makes you a better writer and blogger, for sure.

  4. I'm definitely small time in the blog world, but I still enjoy it even when I don't really get any comments. If nothing else it serves as an important creative outlet for me. I have made small efforts to grow readership, mostly through ad swaps with other bloggers I like or by doing guest posts for people. I have yet to put any money into it though, and don't know that I ever will. 

  5. I very much appreciate your small fry blog pertaining to your own fancies.  Keep it comin!

  6.  I am yet to "swap blogs" but guest posts always sounded interesting to me :)

  7. Thank you :)

    Collaborating on a blog with a friend like you do is such a cool way to keep content fresh and varied.

  8. Thank you :)

    The only link up I regularly participate it in is Everybody Everywear, I keep thinking I should take part in more but procrastination is my middle name :)

  9. My blog has always been the same way. I think we are underdogs in blogging, and that is okay. I adore your dress. It is crazy how some people have thousands and thousands of readers in a year's time.  There is nothing wrong with your blog or pictures or anything either, so it is strange that your blog gets so overlooked when it has always been great. I think I've been reading it for over two years now. maybe three. The ads on my blog. . .those are people who don't pay me for sponsorship at all. They are people I know. One of them sponsored me each month and I started to just leave their ad on because they always gave me free things when I'd order from them.  I get a lot of readers from posting my link on facebook, otherwise I don't think I do as much as I used to. I figure those who come around and stick around are enough. ;)