Saturday, November 24

On The Road Again

On Thursday, while the U.S. was celebrating Thanksgiving, my friend Caro flew over from Austria so we could go see Father John Misty live and treat ourselves to a manicure, retro make-up and hair-do at the Powder Room in London.

After I led Caro in the wrong direction a couple of times and we stopped for most decadent caramel macchiatos we arrived at the venue just in time to hear special guest "No"

Father John Misty put on quite the show. Tillman took the stage cradling his bottle of whiskey and sang us his whole album, gesticulating wildly all the while. The man is more active on stage than a toddler on a sugar high and even more sore at religion than I realised. He'd stop singing on the cusp of the last line and tell us about puppeteering and all manner of other things before finishing each song. Testing our patience and seeing if he could piss off this audience of his, Tillman joked. He couldn't do that,* but damn he can sing!

They finished up with a cover of On the Road Again. Luckily there was just enough space to throw myself around like a toddler on a sugar high too, because no way could I have held still for that one, or any of the tunes that went before for that matter :)

*though google assures me he succeeded elsewhere

Walking down Shoreditch Highstreet on the way to the Powder Room :)

Caro's victory roles and make-up looked too perfect not to share :)
While I had my make-up done too, needless to say my hair does not qualify for an updo. I did get some great tips for my nails though and had excellent fun being pampered.

I did get some photos of my outfit, but I'll show you my Superman look another day :)

Have a most excellent weekend!

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