Tuesday, November 6

Oh Snap!

We've had a nice and easy weekend. That is apart from when our bed broke in the small hours of Friday night and with a SNAP! our mattress sank to the floor. This is the second bed we've broken in two and a half month. Oh, stop your seedy minds you guys, it's just a bad design if you ask me. We got a refund and a more sturdy night's sleep should arrive with us on Thursday.

Other than that things have been pretty sedate around here. There has been much messing around with our guitar, we watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind and went around our neighbours' for coffee and a natter.

It's time for the weekly instalment of True Blood now, so I'll see you guys on Thursday!

beret: eBay
cardi, scarf & belt: highstreet
dress & tights: online store
jacket: supermarket
trainers: eBay

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute outfit, and that dress is so adorable. And I love these photos, such a clever idea!