Sunday, November 18

Odds and ends

My parents sent me my old toy nesting dolls :) They spent the past eleven years in my rather luxurious wendy house, where I rediscovered them along with an iconic mix tape (BASF - mostly whoosh now. A ghostly sound - nearly, but not yet lost amidst the white noise) this past May. The paint is chipping a little after all those years in the winter cold. There is a special allure to items remembered from early childhood. After all, I have tasted these guys.

Bring on 2013! Glastonbury Festival is already marked down in my new diary

My Easy Guitar Tab White Pages arrived and I collected some leafs on a lunchtime walk

Candy canes aren't all that, but they sure look festive :) I'll probably end up decorating parcels with these :)

After removing the old, it took me the best part of a year to find a wallpaper pattern I liked for the ex-bathroom, now bedroom of my doll house. It should arrive soon :)

Yep, we have a basket full of juggling balls :) There are a few pool balls in there too, which are awesome for contact juggling, just as long as you don't let them hit your knuckles :)

Have a most excellent weekend! :)

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