Wednesday, November 28

Meetings, innoculations and a guitar lesson

Well, this was a while ago - I took these during a lunch break in the middle of October. :)

All is well over here.
I am hoping the Secret Santa present I picked for a colleague arrives in time for our office Christmas do. I've been spying at this girl's choices in accessories all week, trying to work out what she might like. Hope I got it right, but in the end it's the effort that counts, right? ;) Even if it turns out not to be something she'd wear, it'll always beat a supermarket gift pack.

Today holds meetings, inoculations and a guitar lesson for me. You can take your guess which of the three I am actually looking forward to :D

By the way, this has been keeping winter away for me yesterday:

Have a fantastic day. The weekend sure is getting closer!

necklace: etsy (Naju)
cardi: present (lana moden)
skirt: etsy (VamosThreads)
blouse & tights: online store
ankle boots: highstreet


  1. your hair is looking mighty cute! and that SKIRT! ahhhh killing  me.

  2. EmilyGambinoNovember 28, 2012

    Yay, I have a purse made out of that same cat fabric! So fun

  3. Waw, that cat fabric is so amazing! And I love your necklace :) Another gorgeous outfit to see from you. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  4. Your skirt is so cute!

    It is nice of you that you have been trying so figure out what the woman you work with likes so you can get her a present!

  5. You always wear the prettiest clothes! I like your necklace as well :).