Tuesday, November 20

Long Nights

It's strange to think how close Christmas is getting. Short days and long nights make Stef a dull girl, so lately I've been finding myself in a semi-conscious daze that leaves me unable to so much as focus my eyes. Not conducive to the level of accuracy that is expected at the nine to five.

I saved a few days of holiday for just that reason, so I am working four day weeks until 2013 now. It makes a massive difference to my level of zombification. With a three day weekend I actually pass for human during these dark days ;)

Forget carbon dating, you can tell the age of my outfit shots by the length of my hair :D I wore this at the end of September..

It's time for my weekly instalent of True Blood, so I'll see you guys on Thurday :)
So long!

jacket: eBay
blouse: present (online store)
skirt: waterloo plein market (altered)
tights: online store
boots: highstreet


  1. Wow - you look so stunning!

  2. I feel the same way about the shorter days. I get so tired more easily and quickly now. You look lovely. I always love how you accessorize. 

  3. The pink and red looks really nice together. I know you said it's from September, but it looks like a good palette for a holiday party.

  4. It's only 34 days til Christmas, woo! I did the four day week thing last year, it was the best. I would have done the same this year but I moved jobs so I don't have enough days saved :(