Friday, November 2

Eliminate all leftovers

Every year I have a ton of ideas for Halloween. My husband and I consider throwing a party and partnering up for costume double acts.. and then Halloween rolls around and I dig out my skeleton tights and that plastic skeleton (which originated from a supermarket decoration multipack I originally bought for my doll house).

Maybe next year I'll get a black dress and create something a little like this with some bleach, or I might pay the craft store a visit and glue together something like that  or maybe shrinky dink this kinda thing.. but let's face it: I'll probably just dig out my skeleton tights again ;)

Eventhough this may not seem like I am getting into the spirit, showing off my bones in the office and wearing a skeleton pin qualifies me as a total Halloween nerd around here. Just thought my American readers should know ;)

We even bought candy and rather than hiding quietly in the dark, we actually answered the knocks of trick or treaters (granted, there really weren't any knocks at our old place). Man, those little monsters  were restrained. The Sith Lords too. I imagined they'd empty our bowl of sweets in no time, but despite much encouragement they only took one piece each. I showed no such restraint when it came to eliminating the leftovers.

Hope you all had a ghoulish gluttonous Halloween too!

beret: etsy (softspoken)
cardi & blouse: highstreet
skeleton: supermarket "expertly" converted to a brooch by yours truly
skirt & skeleton tights: etsy (Vamos Threads)
plstic heels: eBay


  1. Never mind - we had less kiddos here than expected. Well, who do you think finished the leftovers? :)

  2. Your fibula are showing!! har har. 

    Halloween parties are something I've never been invited to before, but they seem to be fun.