Thursday, November 22

Bound Paper Treasure #3

Ready for another instalment of my photo book collection? Great.
Let's begin ;)

One Family tells the story of the Toole family, who Vaughn Sill repeatedly photographed in their homes over the course of twenty years. This is not one of my library favourites but a gem I found through the now defunct Polaroid magazine. It did much to spark my love for Type 55 film, but it wowed me with it's interviews, letters and poems contributed by family members themselves as much as the beautiful images themselves. As with any work collected over an extended period, you'll spend much time thumbing through the pages and watching children grow up, parents grow old..

Francesca Woodman collects the work of the photographer by the same name. Her evocative images and frequent self-portraits resemble dreamscapes and seem to come from deep down. Maybe I am led to say that because I know this prolific artist ended her life at only twenty-two years of age. I guess that she created such a large body of work when her life was so very short only serves to add further mystery to her visceral imagery.

In Search of the Corn Queen by Greta Pratt collects images from Country Fairs across the America Mid West. I am a sucker for images of fairs, this sort of things always transports me back to childhood where the Name day of your local church saint would always bring a fair, however small, even to the littlest village.

I really enjoy Pratt's eye for the peculiar, which is maybe even more evident in some of her other work. Check it out on her website :)

That's it for today.  You can see previous glimpses into my bookshelf here.
Until another day :)


  1. Katrina FraleyNovember 22, 2012

    There's a really great documentary called the Woodmans that was still streaming on Netflix (in the US). It's tells her story through her parents and brother and classmates from college. There's also a lot of the video work she did in it too. It's not a pick-me-up film though, so be prepared to have tissues nearby. 

  2. Thanks :) I haven't seen any of her video work yet, so I am looking forward to this!