Monday, October 29

What's the time again?

If you dislike the switch over to winter time - I am so with you. To me it always seemed a pointless endeavour (saving electricity, as if). I for one would much rather spend my mornings in the dark than my afternoon.

These photos are from way back right at the start of October, when the light was still with me on my cycle home from work. I had just dyed this dress (which used to be black & white) giving it a new lease of life and hiding a bunch of faded coffee stains in the process..

I have a feeling I have shared this song before, but it's stuck in my head once again. Only now I keep watching this guy's hands whenever they're in shot and am wondering how long it might take me until I can play a tune like this (and without turning it into mincemeat..). I think I need to brush up on my patience in 2013 ;)

Have a great start to the week!

beret: eBay
dress: highstreet (dyed)
card & shoesi: highstreet
belt: vintage store
tights: online store


  1. lovely outfit and lovely mani!!

  2. The dress looks so pretty in its new colour!

  3. Strung_Out6025October 29, 2012

    I so love the way you use colours...

  4. I absolutely hate it being dark in the evenings. It isn't until the middle of winter that I even notice the dark in the mornings (lucky me doesn't have to get up till after 8) but I get so annoyed in the evenings. I barely had time to take the dogs out before the sunset today, and it is only going to get worse :( 

    Love this outfit, and your conker photo. That dress is gorgeous, and I love the mix of colours xo

  5. Rebecca KummerfeldOctober 29, 2012

    I think this is my major reservation about living in England - dark winters! The cold doesn't get me, but that dark does! We have just made the switch here too (the other way) and I am enjoying light till late into the evening. It is such a joy!

  6. Hi! I'm a new reader, and a) I love your wardrobe. You're totally adorable. And b) Demon Host is an amazing song. I actually saw Timber Timbre last summer. It was an  outdoor show and I got to sit right front and centre. Boy, oh, boy was it magical!