Tuesday, October 2


Hello there :)
Today is one of those days I seem to have nothing at all to tell you :)

My working day was followed by a check up at the dentist's (it is safe). After raiding the kitchen upon my return home I sat down at my computer to write to you while watching some Firefly episode for the Nth time. My fingernails could do with a new paint job but I doubt I have the energy. I see only a shower and crisp duvet in my future.

So long!
Hope you are having a more energetic start to the week ;)

hat & scarf: present (pass-me-down)
wife-beater (am I a git for calling'em that?): highstreet
cardi: charity shop (dyed)
wrist bands: ehem.. those are bike basket straps.. my ticket to shamepuff maybe? Oh, sod it, I like'em!
belt: zipper in amsterdam :)
skirt: highstreet (dyed)
tights & saddle shoes: online store


  1. you always rock the monochromatic getups so well!

  2. How nice. Hope the dentist visit went well. Love your skirt.