Saturday, October 27

Odds and sods

A damaged Type 55 positive from my portrait shoot with a work colleague

Said colleague made our whole department virgin cocktails one lunchtime. I'll have to agree with our coffee cups: Life is grand alright :)

Finally: Chunky & chewy - not burnt. My kinda granola :)

I had my first lesson yesterday. My fingernails are going to be shorter from now on. At least on my left hand.. ;)

Like tire tracks

Tackling the dreaded hemming pile

Christening spoon and ornate spoon
As soon as we really have all manner of household items already we asked that our friends and family not give us housewarming presents, but if they really could not resist, one could never have too many spoons :)

These brushed steel leaves are housewarming spoons too. Inspired by the ancient Asian tradition of using leaves as eating utensils, this design can be used to scoop your meal or prong it with the pointy edge. Pretty nifty, hey?

So long :)

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  1. ha! the hemming pile:) mine is a mountain:/