Tuesday, October 23

Mama there's wolves in the house..

Here I am, one early October morning :)

It's been one lazy old weekend over here. We gave Oxjam a miss as soon as I had a hell of a headache. It was biscuits and TV all the way from there. Well: Biscuits, TV and looking up chords, which I am trying my damnedest to memorise (never mind getting my sausage fingers to co-operate just yet). David got us a guitar to learn on through freecycle. Wouldn't it be nice if I discovered a musical bone after all? Either way, it's going to be fun getting to grips with the basics. Something exciting for the coming dark days :)

Also, I am hooked on these songs:

Have a great start to the week!

hat: present (hand me down)
sweater, coat, tights & boots: online store
skirt: etsy (VimVigorVintage)


  1. For a second there, looking at your first photo, I thought you had dyed your hair blonde! Then I realised it was the hat. You look lovely, that jumper is perfect for winter, such a cute print! Hope you feel better soon xo

  2. Your jumper's so adorable!

  3. What gorgeous willow trees!

  4. what a fun little sweater!

  5. There you are doing your awesome "twinsiness". yey! Your sweater is grand!