Thursday, October 25

Eddie ate dynamite and the fog never lifted

It's been dead foggy this week and I have had a blast taking photos in the pea soup :)

This is actually the second set of photos of this dress, but the other is scheduled to post waaay towards the end of the year. I am taking outfit shots most every day and am squirreling them away like some winter weary rodent.

Well, you can tell the following photos were taken lateron, but the mist never lifted fully that day..

Eddie with the explosive diet in the post title is just a reference to a mnemonic to memorise guitar strings - I am messing with our new to us guitar at all acceptable hours.

And a mushroom, because Kaylah is no big influence on this blog at all. No, no ;)

Until next time!

dress: online store
denim jacket & tights: eBay
ankle boots, hat & coat: highstreet


  1. It's so, so foggy around here as well. But that makes colourful clothes stand out even more!

  2. what enchanting photos! I love the first one so much. It was really foggy here last week and was gorgeous. Then it cleared up so amazingly. You look lovely.

  3. Caitlin FloodOctober 25, 2012

    your red coat/dress stand out so beautifully against the foggy backdrop. so, so pretty :)

  4. these are GORGEOUS! the fog lends the perfect atmosphere to the photos. I love it!

  5. Love the contrast between the softness of the fog photos and the brilliant colors in the later in the day photos.