Thursday, October 4

Cultural differences

This fringe pulling pose brought to you by heavy gusts of wind ;)

These were taken last week, when I was so busy getting my 15 hours of sleep a day (and you think I am kidding! Then again you might not - I know I am far from the only one who turns into a zombie when the days begin to shorten in earnest) I had no time for fun nails. Oh the humanity!

The new season of True Blood & Boardwalk Empire just started up over here, but I have also found a new televisual vice: Lilyhammer

You may know the main man, Steven Van Zandt, as part of Bruce Springsteen's band, but he has also ventured into acting before when he played Silvio Dante in the Sopgranos. Lilyhammer also has a mafia theme, but this time it's wrapped in comedy.

Enter Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano:
When his dog Lilly is caught in the crossfire this New York based mafioso has had enough. He cuts a deal with the police in exchange for a new identity and a relocation to Lillehammer in Norway. Miami, he says, is not for him. "Melanoma's for the old school wise guys." No, he wants the pure driven snow he has seen on television broadcasts of the 1994 winter Olympics. Renamed to Giovanni Henriksen by the witness protection program he begins his new life.. cultural differences ensue.

We're only three episodes in, but thus far the series has given me reason to look forward to Tuesdays, when it is aired over here. I understand over in the US you may have to look it up on Netflix instead.

How about you, discovered any new programs lately?

scarf: present
jacket & boots: eBay
cardi & top: highstreet
skirt: highstreet, second-hand via eBay (dyed)
tights: online store

*As soon as it resembled a scene from THX 1138 I took the liberty to crudely colour in the blank white sky.

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