Wednesday, October 17

Cherry Hinton Hall

I've been living in Cambridge on and off for the past eleven years, but until the last day of September I'd never been for a walk in Cherry Hinton Hall park.

That said, I vividly remember crashing the Folk Festival held on the site back in 2001 ;) A few friends and I joined hands and danced right in. For the record: Nowadays I hold tickets for the festivals I attend ;)

Back to the present, and we went for an early autumn walk while my parents were visiting. My Dad snapped plenty of photos of me while my Mom found numerous camera worthy bits and bobs and David explored some childhood haunts.

This weekend I set up shop in my little garage studio for the very first time. I hadn't used my flash kit and large format camera in over four years, so I had been secretly worried I might have forgotten the tricks of the trade.

Thank goodness: Turns out it's just like cycling ;)

I am a big fan of Polaroid Type 55 film (it's an instant film for large format cameras, which gives you a 5x4 inches in size positive and a negative too). The negatives are painfully fragile but oh so creamy and gorgeous! I finished my last project just as Polaroid was closing up shop and eversince I've been a Scrooge about the 40 sheets of film left over after I completed that series of portraits.

Eventually I came to the conclusion there is no point in letting my precious film go to waste right there in it's original packaging and I finally broke open my last but one box.

New55, collaborating only informally with the Impossible Project, is working on creating a film inspired by the Polaroid classic, but I'll have to wait quite a while longer before I can top up my dwindling treasure.

Stupidly I checked out eBay and though I had guessed as much, it was still difficult to stomach just how much my little box of film is currently worth. As tempting as making between 100 and 200 dollars for only half my reserve sounds, I am really more likely to splurge on somebody else's stock than give up my own.

Meanwhile I am getting ready to use "proper" sheet film. No more instant gratification for me ;)

Now that I've "gotten back on the horse" I am thinking I might do a little video showing you guys my large format camera. Chances are I'll bore you out of your skulls, but you don't see field cameras around very much and.. obviously I think they are the bee's knees.

Anything in particular you'd like to know about it or shall I just give you a little tour of my favourite toy?

scarf: present
cardi: supermarket
dress: etsy (IsabelKnowles)
belt: highstreet
tights & trainers: eBay


  1. That wouldn't bore me at all!

  2. Katja ReiseOctober 17, 2012

    Your dress - dein Kleid, wunderschön!

  3. oranges_and_applesOctober 17, 2012

    i'd love to see it!

  4. Great stuff :) I'll get to video-ing then :D

  5. Yay, I'll definitely prepare my little show and tell in that case :)