Wednesday, September 12

The kraken wakes

The sun had been shining all-day-long. But of course half an hour before home time dark clouds rolled in. By the time I'd unpacked my tripod it was raining quite heavily, but it was rather warm nonetheless. That bitter smell of summer rains.. I'll miss that all winter long.

I didn't want to pull my three bag routine in Amsterdam, so before we left I got me this here big backpack. It's the funniest thing: Everything pictured has a face. Fish and kraken of course, but houses and ships too. It comfortably fits my camera (in a padded insert), my netbook and kindle. Usually I go for my camera bag, which also fits the lot, but shoulder straps make a heavy load so much more bearable on a looong walk.

I've been exceedingly boring today, but that's okay ;)
Maybe I'll have more to tell you on Thursday.
Meanwhile, have a good one!

denim jacket & backpack: eBay
dress: eBay (when decades collide)
lone ranger brooch: etsy (therpsajik)
bird brooch: etsy (unicornkids)
tights: online store
heels: highstreet

*As you can tell from my tattle tale haircut: These were taken a couple of weeks ago :)


  1. Your little Lone Ranger pin is soooo cute!!!!! Makes me want to play the Lone Ranger game and watch the show.

  2. You know me, I go through wild west phases ;) I'll get my cowboy boots out before long :D