Friday, September 14

The Great Escape

A number of bloggers have been happily threatening autumn for a while now. And it sure is a lovely time of year, what with the dramatic lighting and colourful foliage, but really I could so do with an extended summer. Encore! Zu-ga-be! Pretty please :)

Alas, looks like it's not to be. As August turned into September the quality of the air changed from warm and sweet to cool and crisp. It's getting windier and that breeze means business: There's an edge to it already, before long it will HOWL! I've broken out my gloves for cycling *le sigh* and fear the addition of ear warmers is only a matter of weeks..

Outfit locations barred to me by an ocean of stinging nettles throughout summer are accessible once more. You guys, I am taking shots in my winter spots already! The foliage is green yet, but the sap is draining from them already. I can tell by the casts in my images, which are turning from green to cyan.

The weathermen have promised a brief return to summery temperatures for next week and I am crossing my fingers that for once, they will be right. Also, I am cheering myself up with plans for a winter holiday in the sun. I've gone on holiday during the winter months before, but never to a warm place. To me it sounds like the perfect way to regain some energy while England is at it's cold, dark, dank and dreariest. David insists I choose a destination (I am notoriously indecisive in my private life and he gets stuck with most decisions). I guess I'll just have to make up my mind ;)

Have you taken a reprieve from winter in the sunshine before?
Where did you escape to?

cardi, crochet tights & brooch: highstreet
blouse, pink tights & clogs: online store
skirt: etsy (VimVigorVintage)


  1. Hawaii in 2009 for 3 months :) I left Feb and returned May just in time for Spring : . It was the best trip despite the marriage plan didnt go through :( Oh well, who wants to have summer for 12 month? Plus I live in Bella Italia now and have perfect weather.
    If you can afford it I suggest Cape Town; I went in April 2006 and was wonderful. On a low budget Morocco is great too.

  2. ooo but cycling gloves are cool! I don't understand the rush with the weather, myself, even though I am not much of a summer fan, but the truth is, summer is still here for another week.

  3. Oh man, i wish i could escape when winter is coming. If I could i would go to Thailand or Hawaii.