Tuesday, September 18

Someone's gotta help me dig

Last Friday I told a friend of mine how First Aid Kit's version of When I Grow Up had lodged firmly in my brain and I would find myself caterwauling snippets of the songs while cycling.

She promptly pointed me towards Father John Misty (that's Joshua Tillman's new moniker) - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings. It had lodged equally unshakably inside her grey matter. In German, we call a tune that's stuck in your head an "ear worm". Needless to say, Hollywood Forever burrowed in my ears with wiggly ferocity on the very first listen, so here I am,  passing the love around:

Which tunes are on replay for you right now?

jacket: highstreet via timeenoughfordrums
bracelets: etsy (vozclothingandart)
sweater: etsy (CapriciousTraveler)
dress & tights: online store
ankle boots: highstreet


  1. Lauren WidelitzSeptember 18, 2012

    You are so adorable!

  2. I can't stop listening to Psy's Gangnam Style. And I'm not even really a fan of pop music, much less Korean pop music. The tune is stuck in my head