Thursday, September 20

Rhubarb and Custard

Check out the little spider. Once it made it's way onto my hand it really didn't want to budge..

Our holiday is all booked: Our great winter escape will take us to Goa :D So excited, this will be the first time the husband and I actually leave Europe.

The prospect of chilling out on the beach seemed like the perfect excuse to splurge on a pair of Saltwater sandals. It's the funniest thing, I received a call from their sales team while I was getting my tattoo coloured in yesterday. They got a little worried, because the email address I used for the transaction contains a synonym for "untrustworthy". It's based on an old nickname of mine: Fluky Stef. That's me. I have used that address for online purchases for the past eleven years and that's the first time someone picked up on it.
Not so funny? Well, it gave me a good giggle anyway ;)

Got any strange nicknames yourself?

scarf: present
sweater: highstreet
blouse, tights & clogs: online store
skirt: etsy (anabellefuzz)

*I doctored my left thumb btw. I felt all niggly about my cuticles. Oh the vanity!  ;)

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