Saturday, September 8

I know, I know..

Guys, check out my newest acquisition :)

Isabel Knowles' collection has had a fair bit of screen time just lately. And rightly so! Classic cuts, lovely details and awesome novelty prints - yes, please!

At first I thought to myself "No, Stef. No you don't. Not another one!"
I tried my darnedest, but first one of Isabel's gorgeous dresses was featured in an etsy newsletter, and then Katie of Skunkboy Creatures was wearing another - my backbone crumbled and tell you what: I am glad it did!

See, Isabel was really sweet and made this one to my measurements (clothes come up short on me. All too often not just a liiittle short - more like public indecency arrest short).
All I can say is, it fits like a glove. I've got a couple of other custom made clothes, but this one is something else. All around perfect. :)

If you haven't yet, you should totally check out her blog.. but beware: There is a fox print dress on there that's crumbling my backbone all over..

Today I am meeting up with Vicky  :)
She is working on getting herself back into blogging pronto - of course when her new corner of the web is up and running you guys will be the first to know :)

Have a fantabulous weekend!

kerchief, mustach & bow ring, flats: highstreet
dress: IsabelKnowles on etsy
tights: online store
denim jacket & camera ring: eBay
rose quartz bracelet: present
bakelite bracelet:etsy paleorama on etsy

*What with all this gushy praise, I better point out I was just a plain old customer - no blogger perks here. Not that I am averse to sponsored posts or gifting, not at all ;)


  1. Lovely dress! I also have the moustache ring, it's too cute!


    Sara from

  2. Hi Stef beautiful dress

    hugs rose jp

  3. It is nice that she lengthened the dress for you! I feel the same way about dresses often. I think having legs 6" longer or more than other people makes it hard at times to go shopping! haha. Anyway this is a beautiful dress and I love the collar on it!
    Hope you have a wonderful time wearing it!

  4. Strung_Out6025September 09, 2012

    This is gorgeous! And how nice to have it made to fit you perfectly!

  5. Lauren WidelitzSeptember 09, 2012

    That dress looks so lovely on you!

  6. Thanks :)
    We're definitely in the same boat when it comes to dresses turning out to be crop tops ;)