Monday, September 3

Hello, goodbye

If you follow my instagram (I am wonkystef) you already know I had a wonderful holiday in Amsterdam last week.  As per usual I have been keeping my away time a little more secret on the blog. Unlikely as it may seem, I just can't help but imagine local thieves searching google to find out who's real stoked to be away from their home for such and such a long time. But never mind my paranoia. I have had a brilliant time. I just can't believe we somehow got saddled with September in the meantime!

I'll be posting my holiday snaps real soon, but I can't sing you a song about one of my favourite cities just yet: I've only just unpacked and I am off again to attend a team build overnighter (le sigh).

Wednesday it's back to normalcy for me. See you guys then!

dress, skirt & clogs: online store
brooch: etsy (craftyfolk)
cardi: highstreet
bow: present
tights & belt: eBay


  1. sartoriographySeptember 03, 2012

    I adore your dress and that happy bow! Looking forward to hearing about the trip (and not because I'm considering robbing you next time you leave...obviously).