Saturday, September 1


After posting my images for August's EBEW "Monochromatic" Challenge, I felt a little bit of a cheapskate. I didn't wear an outfit especially to fit the challenge, but simply posted one that suited the brief by chance. So, to make things right, a few days later I decided to wear pink, pink and pink. Unlike blue, blue and blue that's not really the norm for me.

I took these shots after work on a Friday and I figured rather than hit one of my usual spots, I'd cross the common and take photos on the far side. A few steps from my destination I found myself ankle deep in sticky mud. GLOP! and my shoes were gone. I walked my bike, camera and tripod to safety in my stocking feet and returned to retrieve my unfortunate flats from their muddy grave.

Now you know why my legs are covered in dirt in these shots :D 
Amber of The Girly Bird took a gnarly tumble during an outfit shoot recently and carried on regardless.  I am joining her pro blogger-dom with these muddy poses. ;)

The flats are in the bin (they were on their way out anyway) but my tights survived. All is well in the world ;) What's that? First world problem relief? 

Have  a fabulous day :)

hat, cardi, owls & flats: highstreet
scarf: present
dress: etsy (NestEggVintage)
tights: online store


  1. Strung_Out6025September 02, 2012

    You pull off pink on pink on pink beautifully! And I think that's quite tricky. it's a shame about the shoes!! I'm glad at least the stockings survived...

  2. Oh, the things we will do for a post. Sorry to hear about the shoes...but the details in this monochrome pink are lovely. And the .giffed branches are a marvel.