Saturday, September 22

FM4: You're at home baby

I feel winter coming. Leafs are falling and I am realising that it's real hard to keep your ears warm under a cycle helmet (grrr.. safety).

I am squirrelling away outfit posts for the rainy, steel grey days to come, just like last year. And so the time travel season begins ;) We've got us a two week lag going around here already. So forgive me while I get all sentimental about short sleeves and single layers of tights as I wrap myself in cardis and dust off my various winter coats.

It's funny how some music catches you right away and other bands/tunes grow on you after you've thought "nah, that one is not for me" a million times over.

Most notably I felt like this about the Kings of Leon back in the early noughties (I could have sworn it was 2000/01 but they didn't even have an EP out then, so clearly my memory is messing with me.. ). Their tunes were on constant repeat on my favourite radio station, which at the time only transmitted at night. Teens around the country would wait patiently for Radio Blue Danube to turn into FM4 but I sure as hell didn't agree with the presenter's lurv for KoL. I can't remember when I changed my mind, but change it I did. They've been a firm favourites of mine for years :)

In a same vein: I always liked the song Helplessness Blues (because just like in the song I'd rather be a functioning cog, you all know my opinion on snowflakes), but most Fleet Foxes tunes just seemed a tad too.. I don't know.. chirpy? to me. Anyway, I gave them another go after getting stuck on Father John Misty: Fear Fun something chronic over the past week. After all the main man was in Fleet Foxes for quite a while. So I figured another listen was in order.

Well, right time, right place and all that: My mp3 is set to "repeat all" and it's anybody's guess how many more days or weeks it'll stay that way before I feel like listening to anything other than Fleet Floxes and Father John Misty again..

I think my music tastes are fairly varied, but hell, I am ever so repetitive when I get into something. Mostly I just listen to a single album or artist over and over and OVER until eventually I switch to something else and the cycle begins again.

How about you? 
Do you keep your music varied or do you get stuck on songs/albums/artists like I do?
Maybe even keep them on repeat until you can hear them in your sleep? 
Care to share any bands you got into after a long while of feeling meh! about them?

jacket: highstreet via timeenoughfordrums
sweater: etsy (CapriciousTraveler)
dress: eBay (le frippe)
tights: online store
boots: highstreet

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  1. I get stuck into the same things, or same sound, over and over. I go through cycles where I only want to listen to Florence and the Machine and The Noisettes for weeks. And suddenly, I'll be back to old school rap.