Monday, September 24

Fingers crossed

You all must be so tired of my bike by now ;) Every time I run out of trees (ha!) I look over at my Vanilla ride and think to myself: Photo-op.

This mixture of colours and textures always makes me feel like I am a character in a 70s tribute movie :) I've worn this exact combination before, and I'll definitely wear it again. Some combos you just feel at home in and this one is for me. It's a casual Friday look.. because I'd feel cheeky wearing those velcro trainers to the office any other day :D

I am dead antsy today:
Remember how I said about a friend of mine from Austria recommending some new music? Well, that band is coming to London in November and I put the idea to her that she should totally get herself over here and go see them with me. Now I am waiting to find out if she was successful in booking time off work so I can get to booking those tickets. All of this went down on Saturday so I have actually been waiting hard for Monday to rear it's ugly head (and darn, it's ugly - the sun never came up), so we could get the ball rolling. Totally unheard of: Waiting for the weekend to end! LOL

Well, fingers crossed :D
Have a great start to the week you guys!

sweater: highstreet
skirt: etsy (annabelfuzz)
tights: online store
denim jacket & velcro trainers: eBay

*I de-saturated the world so my outfit would POP! even more :)


  1. Lauren WidelitzSeptember 24, 2012

    I love that sweater!!

  2. I am in love with your cute ship sweater. Hope your friend is able to make it for the show :)

  3. what an adorable sweater!

  4. You are wearing my favorite color combination ever. orange and blue <3
    I could never tire of your bike, just as you never tire of it.

  5. Rebecca KummerfeldSeptember 28, 2012

    I love this look - and no we could never get sick of your bike!!