Wednesday, September 26

Effing and blinding.. hems

This is the dress I treated myself to in Amsterdam. I thought I was going window shopping that day, but no :)

I took these right at the start of September - not that you think I still get to prance around in my clogs *le sigh*

Of course the colourful stripes were what sold me on this dress, but I got really excited about the neat blind hem (all too often vintage is synonymous with badly basted or disintegrated hems and I have to dust off my sewing kit before the first wear.. I am not the only one this keeps happening to, right?)and also: This dress has a ridiculously generous hem allowance. Super exciting stuff, hey? :D

How about you, do you find yourself attracted by details that aren't even visible when the garment is worn?

By the way:
My Austrian friend is going to fly over here to see Father John Misty in London with me (It was up in the air when I last told you about it). Got the tickets and all. Now we just have to exercise patience and... wait :D

dress: laura dols
brooch: etsy (craftyfolk)
denim jacket & belt: eBay
tights & clogs: online store


  1. Lauren WidelitzSeptember 26, 2012

    that dress is amazing!

  2. I am usually always attracted to something regarding a garment. I love little subtle details This dress you're wearing is gorgeous, and I especially love the colors! I feel like going to a fair with looking at it.

  3. wow, what a find! such a cool dress! I really love the cute little horse pin too:)

  4. Love this dress! Also, I have to say thanks for introducing me to Father John Misty. I watched the video you posted last week and now I can't stop listening to him. :)

  5. Thanks :)
    Pleased you like FJM as well - It's still on repeat over here too :D