Monday, September 10

Come as you are. Not.

This dress has been waiting in my wardrobe for some time. I fell in garment love, but knew right off the bat there weren't going to be many occasions to wear something quite this formal. I resolved to keep it aside for next year's Glastonbury festival, but then the team build I recently attended called for "formal evening attire" and as much as I dread team builds, that part I was actually looking forward to.

I didn't get to take photos on the day, so I re-wore the whole lot a few days later, after all: How could I not show you?!

The big bow on the back is what drew me to this fifties number by John T. Shayne & Co Chicago in the first place. The dress is in such fantastic condition, I wonder if I was the first to actually take it for a spin.

I actually took a few rather passable shots with my bike, but the above looked too funny not to share. How ladylike am I mounting my ride? ;)

Well, it's back in the wardrobe for now, waiting for another formal occasion I cannot escape. If it says formal on the tin you can bet your ass I am not attending of my own volition, but at least getting to wear this pretty again will sweeten the deal :)

So, tell me about the gems at the back of your wardrobe waiting for a suitable occasion to come out :)

dress: etsy (BombshellShocked)
petticoat: eBay
tights: online store
brogues: highstreet


  1. So pretty! I have a 1930s dress that was my grandmother's - I'd actually wear it more often but getting it dry cleaned is such a pain. That's bad, right?

  2. claire mcmanusSeptember 10, 2012

    oh my goodness, it's gorgeoua!! xxx

  3. oranges_and_applesSeptember 10, 2012

    Such a different style for you, and so beautiful!

  4. gorgeous dress! love the back:)

  5. You are hilarious how you are mounting your bike!!! I love it! So real ;)
    Your dress is so pretty and looks perfect to wear at a wedding!

  6. This is a beautiful dress and the photo of you getting on the bike is a hoot. I generally avoid formal dress occasions myself--but I do have a sort of Art Deco-ish number waiting in the wings should an occasion present itself.

  7. Thanks :)
    I hope the opportunity arises, I'd love a peek at that dress!

  8. Thanks :) It does have a hint of bridesmaid doesn't it? ;)

  9. Cheers :)
    I hadn't really thought of it us a far cry from my usual look, but I guess it really is quite a change :D

  10. hehe I am just the same. I am terrible really, I usually ignore the instrutions and just hand wash anway.. but 30s clothes are so fragile I guess that would be one really bad idea. That's part of what makes it so special though, right?