Wednesday, September 5

Amsterdam: The First Half

David and I recently spent a much anticipated week in Amsterdam. We hadn't been for a while, so we were really stoked about our trip. Needless to say, we weren't disappointed ;)

There was plenty of walking between sit downs in street cafes (and ducking inside during brief but heavy downpours). I paid a couple of vintage shops a visit, and Waterlooplain market too of course. I came away with a new belt, dress, ring, a bag and a big purple DING-DONG! bicycle bell. It' cruel I am sure, but I can't wait to startle awkward Cambridge pedestrians with the unfamiliar sound :D 

I stuffed myself on vlaamse frites with sate/peanut sauce, waffles, soft nougat and milkshakes and probably drank a gallon of coffee a day to boot, but that's not a far cry from my usual ;)

We visited the Van Gogh museum and chilled out at Vondelpark with sparkling ice tea and our book readers (Driven, The Vaccinator and Duma Key for me).

Also, you can't trust me any longer: I am a few days over thirty ;)
Lucky me, the whole week felt like one extended birthday party. Usually I am a birthday grouch, but this was definitely one to remember.

I took plenty of phone photos but snapped very few with my "proper" camera. So if you do follow me on instagram, excuse the duplication ;) I couldn't not share these on the blog :D

Do you have a favourite holiday destinations you keep returning to? 


  1. Happy Birthday! This looks like so much fun, I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam but whenever people I know are visiting they only seem to be going for one reason... Ah well, one day I'll find some nice mature friends to go with. Lovely photos xo

  2. You were in my country! :) Great pictures. The bikes are so colourful aren't they? I myself have a red bike with white polka dots :) Perhaps it's a dutch thing

  3. Happy 30th birthday. I trust a majority of people I know who are over 30, so you're safe. haha. I didn't know you were an '82 child. I'm an '83 child. Very cool. You look wonderful and have captured so many fun things.

  4. Happy belated birthday!
    Your photos are amazing, and so colourful!
    I went to Amsterdam recently as well, but I was only able to stay for a couple of days. I did take a load of photos! They are here, if you want to have a look


  5. Thanks :)
    You packed a lot of action into your brief visit! We had a whole week and we still didn't make it to the Eye.. oh well, there'll be a next time for sure :)