Wednesday, August 8

The joys

Midweek once again, and not much to report :)

I've been making lots of ice cream pops (which bears an uncanny resemblance to play cooking when I was a kid), chilling in our conservatory and watching Twin Peaks on horror channel. And there is the 9 to 5 of course, but that's a law unto itself.

Our bed is delayed once again, so we'll be sleeping on our loan divan for a while longer. Rats! But on the plus side, we do have a bed to sleep on in the meantime ;)

I am waiting to hear from my tattooist, who is currently working on a design for me. My appointment is on Thursday, but if I don't get word from her today I might just have to reschedule. I'll be needing a little time to make sure it's exactly what I want to wear for the rest of my life after all. No snap decisions in that department (although when something is right, sometimes you just know immediately, no?) ;)

My parents aren't exactly over the moon I am having another one. I think they see plenty more in my future, though this time: I don't. I really do feel like this is the final one. The moment I decided on the wolf on my back I already had the other two germinating at the back of my mind. Back-leg-arm. These three images, they were always going to form a triangle across my body. Rules of composition I guess ;) Anyway, my parents, they're sweeties and realise this decision is for me to take. So while they shared their feelings, they are not pressing me on the subject. They've always been brilliant about letting me take my own decisions. I know this must be hard sometimes. The joys of parenthood, hey? Hats off to the Mamas and Papas out there. And to my own folks of course ;)

So long, see you again when the weekend is nigh!

hat: glasto
scarf: primark
dress: h&m
tights: welovecolors
heels: office


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldAugust 08, 2012

    conservatory? Oh la la! This place sounds fancy! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with for no.3!

  2. Very fancy indeed ;) They're quite common here in rainy England.. I guess it's one way to enjoy some heat despite the lukewarm weather :D

    I received a beautiful sketch of the tattoo design so I get to keep my appointment tomorrow :)

  3. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 08, 2012

    That dress is gorgeous... glad you told me where you got it! ;) But seriously, I love the colour and the floaty neckline.

    Also, left you a long-winded response to your great comment.... pasting it in for you here.

    That's a really interesting idea, to label the small name things and the rest of it "high street" or whatever. Hmmmmm, that almost sounds like a happy medium!Also, epic comment!I actually think my mom would love my blog, for the reasons you mention (she could actually see what I'm up to, and pictures of me actually looking decent instead of manky on Skype). I'm working up the nerve to tell her this summer, but not looking forward to her comments of "Oh, so you bought another dress!Also, I wouldn't have photographer guilt. Your photos are great and diverse and definitely add something different to the style blogging universe!