Saturday, August 4

T shaped

I always used to sheepishly eye up the kids section at the supermarket, but move on quickly for fear of being looked at funny. It was years into my grown up life before I finally had the guts to buy children's clothes for myself. I've never looked back (sheepishly). In fact I am quite brazen about it nowadays. Oh hell, by now I guess I am old enough for everyone to assume I am shopping for a kid anyhow. Though I darn well hope a fourteen year old boy is still somewhat of a stretch (I am being a bit special about my age now that I am about to hit thirty like a ton of bricks. Every time I get IDed at the check out I wonder if it'll be the last) ;)

Anyhow, I much prefer the cut of an age 14 to adult t-shirts. Men's ones are always too bulky and girl cuts are just plain silly if you ask me. What's with the cap sleeves and figure hug?! When I am buying a T, I want it T shaped! Not that I am a bit literal like that or anything..

Those of you who know me IRL can probably work out why this particular t appealed ;)

Here's to weekends, my first batch of home made ice pops, unpacking the final few boxes and riding my new bike through the sunshiny city streets. Have a good one you guys!

earrings: present
cardi: h&m
t-shirt: tesco
skirt: etsy
ring: accessorize
tights: welovecolors
brogues: office


  1. Rebecca KummerfeldAugust 04, 2012

    A T-shaped T-shirt? Incredible! But not getting the appeal - let us in on the joke?

  2. Strung_Out6025August 04, 2012

    I don't think I'd fit anything from the kids section!! you look great though and really who cares what section of the shop the shirt was bought in if it looks this good right?

  3. I agree with how tees are cut. I still wear some of the ones I wore when I was 13. . .haha. some of them I've had to throw out because they got stained so badly or received too many holes in them from wear.  Men's tees are really huge. I feel odd wearing them.