Wednesday, August 22

Sweets wrappers, plaster, digging and tattoos

I took these photos the day after I'd had my new tattoo done. Although strictly speaking: It's not done yet :) There is going to be colour of course!

I am decimating my collection of pretty sweets wrappers by pasting them all to a wooden step stool I've grown  tired of. A few more layers, some lacquer and it'll be time to show you the finished product. And then of course I'll have to eat lots of sweets to get my collection going again!
Also, I finally hung a couple of bits in our living room, though I am still holding my horses as soon as we need to give the place a new lick of paint in places. We're waiting for some plaster to dry before we can do that.. I am so impatient :)
David has joined a local allotment society, so lots of digging (turning the soil over in particular) lies ahead for us.

There are a couple of really, really wordy posts scheduled for the coming week, so I won't keep you any longer today :) Must strike a balance, right?

It's me, my kindle and Driven tonight. Have a relaxing one yourself!

hat & flats: highstreet
cardi: supermarket
dress: charity shop
tights: online store


  1. The tattoo is so awesome! Thank you for posting an outline pic- I always like to see what they look like before color is added. I'm really anxious now about getting mine- I can't wait!

  2. Wow!!!! gorgeous shoulder tattoo!!!!

  3. Admiring the new tattoo and the way you have folded & tied the scarf. Curious to see the candy wrapper covered stool.

  4. your new tattoo is GORGEOUS! i kind of love it with just the black, myself. the outfit is also fab. you look very anne of green gables in that hat!

  5. I've not yet posted on your blog, but I have to say...I love ALL of your tattoos! I am still planning my first, and yours are great inspiration. Needless to say, I also love your style :) Keep being awesome!