Saturday, August 18

Sunday, Monday..

Yep, I've been running around with two bags just lately: The backpack holds a camera insert in which I cart around my digital and a couple of spare lenses as well as my remote, spare battery, you name it. The pink bag is great for keeping my mp3 player, phone and a (more or less) fresh hanky in easy reach while I am cycling :)

I know most of us bloggers drag heavy camera equipment along with us most everywhere we go. Do you carry a multitude of bags as well or does everything fit neatly into one?
I know two is not really a multitude, but there is my tripod in it's carry case too and man, that thing is unruly. I reckon it counts double ;)

This week was paradoxical in that it seemed never ending and yet I kept feeling surprise that it was Wednesday, Thursday, Friday already. You know, Wednesday felt like a Tuesday, Thursday like a Wednesday.. you get the idea :)

Now it's the weekend I sure hope I can remember that it's only Saturday, not Sunday or Monday ;)

Right, I am going to edit today's shots now and then I shall join the husband for some well deserved televisual zombification.

Happy weekend!

dress: eBay (thefrippe)
scarf & backpack: present
bag: glasto
tights & sunnies: online store
sweater & heels: highstreet
*shout me for specifics


  1. Televisual zombification is the best way to describe that! Another superb outfit! I have to admit that, growing tiresome of lugging around my DSLR (and associated items) in my backpack, I often resort to iPhone photography in its place (and often feel like I've taken a better shot on it than my DSLR would have).

  2. oranges_and_applesAugust 18, 2012

    Happy weelend to you too. I actually rarely carry my camera around with me on daily adventures, and definitely not lenses! I usually just take my tripod, camera and keys when I'm off outfit photoing. But then, all my outfit locations are about 5 miuntes from my flat, not like all the exciting place you go!

  3. I love the color of your tights!

  4. I love how the dress looks all by itself. It is so lovely. Summer sundresses are gorgeous to me.