Thursday, August 16

Odds and sods

More ice cream!
These were still made with my hand blender but I am the proud owner of a proper food processor now. So the next lot won't leave such a mess in the kitchen ;)

The lighter one is a mix of coconut milk, cocoa and a little icing sugar (nothing to write home about)

The darker one is made from lots and lots of strawberries, one small spotty banana, plenty of cocoa and a little bit of icing sugar
I strain the mix before pouring it into the mould, to get shot of all the pips, but then I usually end up spooning the left overs anyway.. greedy guts.

Anyway, the strawberry choc ice is sooo yummy I made a second batch already :)

I adore globes.
The moment I lay eyes on this one I grabbed for it. "You're coming home with me" I said. Talking to myself again. No wonder so many people think me a little bit of a nutcase ;) How swiftly maps are out of date, huh? Europe's borders are fairly old-style on this one. But Austria is already tiny :D

My bedside lamp is a globe too. I love giving it a spin before I turn out the light. But really, forget the globe: Check out my new jewellery holder :D
I've been lusting after this jackalope creature for ages, but it was sold out in online stores before I could get my greedy hands on it. Hurray for eBay :) Now it's so much easier to pick from my rings and brooches :D

Have you got a soft spot for globes too?
Or any favourite ice cream recipes to share?


  1. TwotimegrimeAugust 16, 2012

    I love globes too! I managed to pick up a vintage one for £4 last week at a car boot fair, I was so excited when I saw it! I really want a globe that lights up but they are so expensive :(

  2. I got mine on eBay quite a while ago but you can still get similar ones for approx GBP 15 on there - of course there are also some for GBP 60 and upwards.. what a rip off.

  3. I do have a soft spot for globes--in part because they are so quickly outdated. My favorite type of reading is historical travel narratives. Your popsicles look delicious.