Sunday, August 12


I can't tell you just how smitten I am with my cruiser :D New chips are appearing on the paint work all the time: No matter how precious I am about it, I do ride my bike an hour or two every day after all. But I am determined to keep rust spots at bay: Turns out my lemon meringue nail polish is a pretty close match for the paint work :D

Goodness forbid somebody should thief her, I think I'd invest in an extended frame next time. Mind you, what with all the second hand bikes in my past I am used to riding frames a smidge too small for me. Unless you like men's bikes, it takes a bit of luck to find an oversized frame. Oh well, it's good for the leg muscles I say ;)

And just for the record: My hat goes in the basket when I am riding and my silly pink helmet gets strapped on instead.

So far I've been taking it easy this weekend.. so nothing exciting to report :)
Have a good one you all!

hat & sweater: highstreet
scarf & flats: present
dress: eBay (when decades collide)
bag: glasto
*shout me for specifics


  1. I love all the colours you're wearing! cute cute dress!

  2. Rebecca KummerfeldAugust 14, 2012

    I woke up this morning and thought - I need to wear something colourful and take  a leaf out of Stef's book! 

    Somehow I ended up in grey and maroon. But you know - the intension was totally there. Maybe after refreshing myself with your colours here I will manage it tomorrow!