Friday, August 10

E45 is my bestfriend

Alex's design arrived in my inbox on Wednesday and I let out a whoop as soon as I saw it. Just perfect. I certainly had a spring in my step for the rest of the day :D

Yesterday I went for my appointment and three hours later the outline and shading were all done. Once it's healed I'll be back to add some colour.

Looking down at my arm now puts one BIG smile on my face.
I've got a few outfits from the past week lined up so you won't see my new tattoo for a few days yet. Meanwhile E45 is my constant companion :D

I am so crazy about this new nail polish: I've had the darker shade for a while, but the light one is new. The name alone made me chuckle: Utopia. It instantly recalled Doctor Who as well as Glasto's Shangri-La in 2011. How easily my consumerist mind is taken in by marketing strategy ;)

Less than a year until Glasto 2013 now! I get all restless when I remember that we haven't applied for tickets, eventhough I know we'll be working it and will be getting tickets that way.. not that I am already over excited or anything ;)

By the way, after reading this post over at Emily's Ruby Slipper Journeys I decided to cut down on stockist information a little. I'd been playing with the thought for a while, largely for the same reasons Emily stopped listing the sources of her enviable wardrobe a while ago. Most of all, I just don't want to be reinforcing brands and provide corporations with free advertising. 

So, in future I am only going to provide you with a general idea of where my clothes come from, but will no longer name the individual shops (unless I think one is so darn awesome you just need to know). So instead of company names I'll be listing categories such as "online store" or "highstreet shop". That said, when it comes to hand-made and second-hand aka vintage clothes I'll still share the seller. And if you like an item and want to know where you can get one like it, just shout me in the comments and I'll let you know :)

Right, I am off to sit in the sunshine :)
The weekend is nigh!

dress & tights: online store
bow: present
cardi: supermarket
trainers: eBay
*shout me for specifics

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