Tuesday, August 28

Don't tell my heart..

I've been keeping to sleeveless dresses (for easy moisturising access) and cardis (to protect my tattoo from the sun).Yay! There's been sun to protect it from :D

Candy bracelets! Why the heck not? ;)

And here is a long overdue animation.
Check out the cows in the background - kinda looks like they're line dancing.. don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart.. ;)

Have a most excellent day!
Swing from a tree branch if you get a chance to ;)

hat: glasto
dress & cardi: highstreet
fabric owl brooch: fabric shop
tights & boots: online store
white owl brooch: etsy (decoylab)
log lady brooch: etsy (damki)


  1. I love the gif :) You're right -- it does look like they're dancing!

  2. Haha, I love that gif. You look lovely, and you reminded me of my forgotten love of candy jewellry, so much better (and tastier) than the real thing xo

  3. Oh, I have fond memories of that candy jewelry! And, I'll start looking for a swinging branch immediately.

  4. weeeeeeeeeeee swing on that branch!!!

  5. I love the bold pink tights with the bold graphic b/w print dress and then softening it all up with the pastel sweater. I can't fail to coo like a pidgeon at your adorable pins on the cardi. Lovely, just lovely!