Tuesday, August 14


Some days I put back in the closet whatever colourful garb I've laid out the day before and go blue in blue. I go blue in blue quite a lot anyway, but some days it's the only colour I feel comfortable wearing. It's my favourite colour, but I think you guessed that already.

Last Tuesday (when I wore this, but I think you guessed that part too) was one of those days. I shunned the pistachio tights and soft pink cardi I'd meant to pair with this blouse and skirt and turned myself blue instead. I'd have worn blue shoes as well, but they needed a clean and you know how it is when you're trying to get to work on time.

In case you've been wondering about my hair recently: I've been getting caught in the rain a lot latey. :D

By the time I noticed the theme for EBEW was monochromatic this month, I'd already scheduled this post for today. A stroke of luck I'd say ;)

If I am going to stick with a single colour, it's always gonna be blue.
What's your comfort colour?

bow: present
blouse: high-street
denim jacket: eBay 
skirt: etsy
tights & clogs: online
*shout me if you'd like specifics


  1. you always have the cutest nails!

  2. Strung_Out6025August 14, 2012

    Funnily my favourite colour is green, but my comfort colour seems to be red, I wear it an awful lot. You really really suit the blue, and sometimes its nice to base your look around the one colour. 

  3. I love that blouse! So adorable.

  4.  I love the bow! It looks great with that blouse.

  5. Blues and greens are my comfort colors. How did you do that first pic where there's two of you? So neat!

  6. Um I'm in love with that top.  So cute!  Popping over from EBEW.

  7. Thanks :)

    I did a little fake twin tut here (though I don't use all the other edits I show in the vids anymore.. must do new ones some time :)) and gave some more details on the actual shooting of twin photos here

  8. i chose blue too for ebew! it is always a go to colour for me! love this whole outfit, your pretty. quirky style is awesome!!xxx

  9. cute!! love the bow :)

  10. Lovely blouse, I love collars and bows :)