Monday, August 6

Around the house

  1. Home-made ice cream on a stick!
    Greek youghurt, strawberry, raspberry, banana & honey (sweetness with a tangy kick!) and
    Greek yoghurt & elderflower cordial (dis-gus-ting! Don't try this at home, kids ;))
  2. Handmade quilt & pretty pillows (eBay)
  3. My dollhouse in all it's glory :D
    I am over the moon I found a display cabinet just the right size for it :)
  4. Wedgewood serving plate (Emmaus charity shop) and Pyrex Amish Butterprint Bowl (eBay)
    I've wanted one of these for ages. Now I have my salad in style :D
  5. David's awesome wooden leaf bowl (charity shop) and my fabric filled embroidery hoops ready to be hung 

Have a most excellent start to the week you guys!


  1. Gmundner Geschirr... haben wir früher zuhause auch gehabt. Weckt in mir immer Kindheitserinnerungen.
    Sehr schöne Details für euer neues Haus!!

  2. wow, yr house is pattern magic place, love it. those pillows are fantastic*

  3. Danke :)
    Das hab ich meiner Mama abgeluxt :D

  4. So pretty, and so "you"!

  5. Woah, that's quite a burst of color :)

  6. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 08, 2012

    Also, we have the same Day of the Dead cushion covers! I love mine, but Albert's brother kept evicting them from our living room saying, "I'm not a fan of psychedelic designs." Boring...

  7. hehe I think I'd seen and liked the cushion on your blog first, so when I came across it on eBay I could not resist. I am all for pattern overload :D