Monday, August 20

A stranger to and in his body

It's been one balmy weekend. A sluggish kinda heat, perfect for a short cycle followed by plenty of cold drinks and lazing in the relative cool of the house.

David and I watched Drive again (we'd seen it once before and were really taken with the cinematograohy, score, sparse dialog and well, the violence of course). Second time around and it's still a pretty darn awesome movie. I followed it up with the book of the same title, on which the movie is loosely based. While it was a swift, easy read, Nicolas Winding Refn's adaptation holds together far better. It's a clear case of film over original book. Still, I'll probably give the sequal "Driven" a go soon.

Are you a book-over-film purist or do you prefer some movies to the books they were based on?

Have a brilliant start to the week!

*post title quote from Drive by James Sallis

blouse: present (tulle)
scarf: present
cardi: supermarket
skirt: etsy (annabelfuzz)
bag: glasto
flats: high-street
*shout me for further specs


  1. I tend to try and read a book before I see the movie, but I think that just might be the book snob in me coming out. You look lovely, these colours are so summery xo

  2. another cute outfit with a sublime color combo :) I do usually prefer the book over the film adaptation, but I havent read Drive so I couldnt say for sure about that one. I did really love the film though.

  3. Afraid I prefer books over most films.

  4. Strung_Out6025August 21, 2012

    I usually prefer the books, mostly because often so many details get lost when things are made into movies. Also I'm obsessed with Stephen King and his movie adaptations are usually terrible!!

  5. I have to agree - King adaptations are usually a bit iffy. I really like Kubrick's The Shining though :) I'd certainly watch the Dark Tower too if they ever go for it, but I'd be very surprised if they managed to do the books justice :)

  6. I hadn't planned on watching it until you mentioned the film on your blog :) So worth it!

  7. I love how colourful your outfit is, you have a great style :)

  8. What a wonderfully fun outfit. I really love it!

  9. (Delurking for your lovely blog... :-)

    I have a T-shirt that reads, "Movies: Ruining The Book Since 1921."

  10. That's excellent! I had a good chuckle when I saw your comment :D I take it you wear this one to the cinema? ;)