Tuesday, July 31


I am pretty sure I've worn this exact same outfit on the blog before, but I couldn't resist some photos right after fetching my brand new bike.

Dusty is still going strong (though in for a service), but now that I have somewhere dry to store my bikes (I always try to keep a spare so I don't have to take the bus when one bike breaks down) I figured it was time for a treat: Instead of paying for an expensive repair on my purple bike, I bought this one on eBay.

Cheapskate that I am I couldn't face more than doubling what I've been spending on second-hand bikes in the past, which means this here beauty is of the cheap and cheerful variety. If you look closely you can see where the unknown manufacturer cut corners, but I wasn't after a ride for life, just a pretty bike to cheer me up on my daily commute. Maybe next time I'll go the whole hog ;) but for now I am dead pleased with just how gorgeous my new ride is.

Beach cruisers aren't really big over here, I guess you lot over in the U.S. whet my appetite for crazy wide handle bars with all your cycle style posts ;) That said, my old Setico used to have extendable handlebars. They looked mundane at first, but when you gave them a pull they came out as wide as these. Me, I am a handlebar snob. ;)

I cross this common full of grazing cows twice a day. When a group of them lie in the shade of a tree by the side of the path, those cows completely block my way some days. Can't fault them, I seek out the coolest spot on a hot day too. Thank goodness for broad tires, rather than wait for them to let me pass I can just cycle through the field now :)

We're handing back the keys for the old house today, so I guess we can get to unpacking one of these days ;) but now the move is done with I have also got that third and final tattoo back on my mind..

helmet: cre-8
dress: present (h. moser)
bike: eBay


  1. wow! your outfits are stunning. I mean the last three posts were amazing. complimenti :)

  2. Barbara WalkAugust 01, 2012

    Das ist vielleicht einmal ein vorbildhafter Outfitpost! Ich fahre sehr viel Rad mit meinem kleinen Sohn (im Sitz). Er trägt natürlich einen Helm, aber ich... Noch ist er zu klein, um mir das vorzuhalten, aber eigentlich ist es höchste Zeit, dass ich mir einen schicken Helm zulege. (Eine hässliche Version habe ich ja, aber wer will schon so etwas tragen?)
    Ich mag deinen Blog, deine bunten Outfits sind inspirierend - eine tolle Abwechslung zum grau-schwarzen Einheitsbrei. Ich bekomm immer wieder selbst Lust, mich wieder farbenfroher zu kleiden.