Wednesday, July 25

Like Catnip

Now, I am not really much of a cat lady. I get on with cats and they suffer my presence with royal dignity but I don't have a special cat voice and I've been known to roughly swipe the odd purrer from my lap as soon as the claws come out. Have you ever watched cats around a catnip plant? From what I've seen, there is drool and much ceremonial rubbing up against the potted weed of desire. This little dance is accompanied by the sound of plentiful purrrrrring and goes on until not a shred of green is left and the cat mint is an ex plant. It's a right frenzy, opium den nothing against it.

Well, cat prints are catnip to me. Animal prints in general actually. So when Bec and I came upon this cat print dress during our Camden meet we decided we'd make like style blog twins and both get it :)
I thought what better to accessorise an army of cats than a little bird fresh out of his cage?
As you can tell from my hair, this outfit is a left over from last autumn. The dress has been living in my sewing basket for yonks, waiting to have a little extra fabric added to the hem. Once our little office (aka spare bedroom) is in action, I will be all out of excuses for my procrastination. I've already got some fabric and soon there will be a desk perfectly suited as an occasional sewing table.

Got any exciting projects you've been waiting a long time to get started on?

scarf/hairband: present (pass me down)
brooch: etsy
dress: camden market
belt: h&m
mauve tights
shoes: office


  1. That dress is lovely. I'm definitely not a cat person, I used to be afraid of them and now I'm definitely in the realm of dog person, but I can't say no to a cat print. Or any animal print really.... xo

  2. I am a cat lady and either way I would love that dress print!
    Marie @ 
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  3. Rebecca KummerfeldJuly 26, 2012

    And you know - I STILL haven't photographed it!! This will be my inspiration - it looks incredible on you! And that wall magic is brilliant!!

  4. Enjoying the clever way you styled this--the little birdie.